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Round Mound Cemetery

About Round Mound

The land of the lost.

This is Amanda and Anthony. We have been been best friends for 8 years. 8 years of love, fights, relationships, jobs and cars!
We first discovered Round Mound in 1999 after a long night of drinking and a few ghost stories. One of our best friends, Curtis, was telling us about a haunted Cemetery in Atchison KS. Being young and drunk we decided to take a road trip. We were hooked after the first time and went back with Curtis on several different occasions.
After Curtis moved away we tried numerous time to find Round Mound and never could. When we would ask people in Atchison, or try to look for directions on the internet everyone acted like it did not exsist. We decided this year that Round Mound was just an imaginary place that Curtis made for us to go.
This year on July 3, 2005 (Amanda's Birthday) we decided we would try one last time.....and WE FOUND IT! That is our story of Round Mound and that is why this site is here!



After all this time we finally did it and took pictures as proof that Round Mound really does exsist. This is a picture of Anthony in front of the new sign that was put up in July of 2004.


Are hearts were racing and we had goose bumps....we knew we had found it!